ED guidelines for submissions

INTERVIEWS– Due to installation costs and monthly fees to maintain our site, we must charge of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) to set up and maintain interviews in The Eerie Digest. This fee helps offset our costs with our site master, time to research and send the interview, and make any necessary punctuation and spelling corrections that may be needed when the interview is received back. We have the sole right to wave any costs based on contributing factors.

LINKS- There will be a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to add links to your interviews for the purpose of advertising your product, services, or talent. We consider these as administrative charges that we must pass on to those we interview. This does NOT include film, acting, or promotional trailers. Please refer to Acting, TV/ Movie Film, Author, and Music Video trailer advertising, and their associated pricing in our advertising sections.

TRAILERS- Promotional Trailers are considered as advertising, and will be billed accordingly. Please refer to those sections that apply to your particular type of trailer for related costs. If you choose to take out a Trailer ad, the cost for adding links to your interview will be waived. COST PER TRAILER ARE ON A MONTHLY BASIS.

ADVERTISING- Please referĀ  to the Advertising Section on the toolbar found on the Homepage for costs and selections for your advertising needs.

PAYMENTS OF SERVICES- Payments for links , Trailers, or other forms of advertising considered as such by the magazine can easily be paid by Credit Card or PayPal directly through the site. Please see where indicated.

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