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Socialite/Activist Michael Dean Shelton to Serve on Host Committee For Operation Smile Gala

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Well known socialite Michael Dean Shelton is excited to announce he will serve on the host committee for Operation Smile’s Annual Smile Gala on September 24th, 2010, honoring Harrison Ford, John Stamos and Susan Casden in Los Angeles.

Michael Dean Shelton


PRLog (Press Release)Sep 15, 2010 – Well known socialite Michael Dean Shelton is excited to announce he will serve on the host committee for Operation Smile’s Annual Smile Gala on September 24th, 2010, honoring Harrison Ford, John Stamos and Susan Casden in Los Angeles.  Michael states that “as both a philanthropist and activist, I am  always proud to support the work of Operation Smile to help provide free corrective surgeries and new smiles for children around the world. In as little as 45 minutes and for as little as $240, Operation Smile can give a child new hope and a new chance in life”.  For more information on the Gala or to purchase Gala tickets or sponsorships, visit or contact Operation Smile staff member Robyn Mircoff at 310-598-9960. (more…)

Auditioning with Director Tony Scott by Christopher Stadulis

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Hello all, Yesterday I had to travel to Pittsburg PA for a callback with Dir. Tony Scott for the feature film, starring Denzel Washington & Chris Pine. It was quite an adventure to say the least.

Just as I was about to leave the house as I was already running a little late for my flight, my lovely wife texts me and asked me to do her a huge favor, which was important but not priority over my audition. Sorry hun. Soon as I got downstairs in front of my house, I started to feel guilty (I have such a conscience, haha) and went back upstairs to send her the ever so important email to someone in corporate. It took maybe 3-4 minutes of my time but time is of the essence in a situation like this.

I then drove to LGA Airport and ran frantically to check in. The sweet ol check in lady tells me it’s too late. The flight has been closed. I pleaded by telling her I have a huge audition for a major film but it does no good. I then pull out my FDNY card and tell her I’m a NYC Firefighter and for her to please help me. She calls the head agent where you board the plane but no one picks up. Mind you, my audition is at 5pm, my flight is @ 2:20pm and I will arrive at Pittsburgh at 4pm. She then tells me the next flight will arrive in Pittsburgh at 5:29. From there I have to either take a shuttle or pay an enormous amount of money for a taxi to get to CD Donna Belajac’s office, which is approx a 30 min cab ride or 45 min shuttle ride from the airport. And my returning flight is at 7:07pm. So I’m saying to myself how in the world am I going to make it to my audition and back to the airport. Hummmmmm, what to do?

While on the plane, the Capt. gets on the air and says “Hey ladies and gentlemen, I would just like you all to know we have the international film star Sheryl something or other flying with us today”. I couldn’t make out the last name. And I said out loud, “Hey, what about me, I’m an actor to you know”. The guy sitting next to me says “really”, I said “Yes”. So we started to chit chat and I find out he’s news reporter Mike Clark from Channel 4 news in Pittsburgh. So we’re speaking about films, actors and all that good stuff. I gave him my card and he gave me his info. His son wants to be an actor (18 yrs old) and told him I would be more than happy to help his son with the business side of this industry by sending him good info via email. Mike said if I book this role, let him know as he would love to do a story on my adventure on how I got called to audition to networking/marketing myself like a whore, etc. He was very nice to say the least. And Donna Belajac knows him so that only helps me and my relationship with Donna.


ESTEBAN ESCOBAR Named LA County Events Examiner for on August 2010

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Hollywood, CA, August 24, 2010 — Diversity News Publications in association with EEEnterprises announced on Tuesday, August 24, 2010 that Esteban Escobar Aka Steven have been named LA County Events Examiner for Esteban Escobar is also currently the Hollywood Events Examiner for

“I am so honored to have a second title with I want to thanks all my fans which are readers, subscribers and my industry friends for been loyal and helping me in getting more readers, articles comments and subscribers.” Said Esteban Escobar. Editor of Diversity News Magazine, WTV Blog and Hollywood & LA County Events Examiner

Esteban Escobar was approached by Category Manager, of the Entertainment page to add a second title to his current coverage. Esteban Escobar became the LA County Events Examiner at the beginning of August 2010 but because have going to a complete make over the page was not working until today it was fixed by IT. (more…)

Press Release: Apotheosis Movies

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

For the consideration of magazines, press and fans:


The third and final installment of The Horror Vault Trilogy is out on DVD now. It contains five new stories of terror and depravity.

Starting off, it’s “A Christmas Haunting” directed by Kim Sønderholm and starring Kim Sønderholm, Russ Diapper, Tanja Bønke, Mette Løvendahl and Celebrity model Katrine Poulsen. There’s also some brief cameos by wellknown indie stars such as April Monique Burril, Monique Dupree, Eileen Daly, Brinke Stevens and Eleanor James. Also horror diva Dai Green and Playboy model Nikki Magnusson makes a brief appearance aswell as Swedish topmodel Veronica Thorsell.

Then follows “Zombie Office” by English film maker Johan A Krueger, which is a black, twisted and comedicly nihilistic story about…well, guess the title pretty much says it all.

“Undone” by David C. Hayes and John Scott Mills follows, about a man kidnapping another man wanting revenge for his crimes. “Undone” stars David C. Hayes, Eleni C. Krimitsos, Kevin Moyers and many more. (more…)

Press Release: Crimes of the Heart

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

For Immediate Release Friday, July 30, 20105, 2010

Get Real Productions Presents

Crimes of the Heart at The Whitmore Lindley Theater

in North Hollywood, CA.

WHAT: Limited engagement of Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley, premieres at The Whitmore Lindley Theater directed by Veronica DiPippo.

WHO: Directed by Award Winning Filmmaker, Director and Writer Veronica DiPippo.

Produced by Sonia Curtis Acerra and Alicia Benavides Greenfield. (more…)

Press Release: “Artists Meet The Industry” Benefiting Hope 4 Children Foundation

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

For Immediate Release Tuesday, July 6, 20105, 2010 A&G Entertainment Productions Presents

Shine On 2! Hollywood: A Music Showcase;

“Artists Meet The Industry” Benefiting Hope 4 Children Foundation

Press Release (PDF) : AGEP & Hope 4 Children – Shine On 2, A Music Showcase Press Release July 6, 2010

Application (Word): MEDIA CREDENTIAL APPLICATION FOR 7-15-2010 Shine On 2 A Music Showcase

Hosted by Gary Spears, former KIIS, KBIG & B-96 FM radios personality

WHAT:       Shine On 2! Hollywood: A Music Showcase; “Artists Meet The Industry”

A&G Entertainment Productions (AGEP) presenting: The ShineOn 2! Showcase, July 15, 2010. This is a unique grassroots music showcase, that is not your typical venue, specifically designed for the unsigned indie artist, band and musician with two stages where the best local unsigned indie artists, will be able to showcase their talents in the: Hip Hop, R&B, Urban, Rock and Dance categories, in front of conference attendees and a panel of music industry experts to gain maximum exposure at a minimal cost. The event will be “Live” e-video streamed across the country, with many music industry executives in the audience, to review the solo and band performances and possibly offer additional career opportunities. All singers have the option to enter the singing contest ‘Bring It On’ Los Angeles this coming September 2010. (more…)

‘The Truth’ – A new movie from RBG Films

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Press Kit: Click Here (PDF)

Flyer: Click here (PDF)

Actress Ellen Dubin, from our May issue, has released the following Update:

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010


Copies can be purchased at the Hallmark site.

Press Releases from Rebel ePublishers on KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE

Saturday, May 1st, 2010


A killer with a gift for inventive and macabre deaths…

An FBI Agent with an equally unusual imagination and sense of humour…



Cat Connor

ISBN: 978-0-9814256-9-6

Paperback available from

With a new and exciting voice, Cat Connor introduces Ellie Conway, an FBI Agent who challenges the rules with her attitude, sense of the ridiculous and how she tackles a serial murderer with a difference: a murderer connected with Ellie’s internet poetry chat room.

With a litter of bodies ‘presented’ in unexpected places, Killerbyte is a provocatively bizarre and entertaining dance.  Ellie, with the aid of Mac Connelly, must track down a seemingly motiveless and ghost-like murderer, who defies detection.  After her own mother is despatched by this slaughterer, Ellie fears for the lives of everyone close: her lover Mac, her father, her boss Special Agent Caine Grafton, and chat room colleagues.  Reluctantly she begins to suspect her boss, colleagues and, her brother Aidan. (more…)

CRC Entertainment Press Release

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Theatre Areas: Hollywood , Los Angeles , Los Feliz, Eagle Rock, Glendale , Burbank ,

West Hollywood and the Valley

Write Act Repertory continues its 2010 mainstage season with

Brooklyn, USA

Based on true events of Murder, INC. in New York City during the 1930’s – 1940’s.

Write Act Repertory and Producing and Artistic Directors John Lant and Ken Cosby with producer Anne Mesa in association with CRC Entertainment and Lois Shaffer Oda, proudly announce their production of Brooklyn, USA as the Write Act Rep 2010 Season continues. This compelling bio-play chronicles the infamous principle characters of Murder, INC. and will have an extended engagement at the Write Act Repertory Theatre officially opening Saturday May 15th to Saturday July 31st, 2010.

This is a true story based on real events of Murder Incorporated, the enforcement arm of America ‘s crime syndicate. With mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Lepke Buchalter, Albert Anastasia, Abe “Kid Twist” Reles, “Pittsburgh” Phil Strauss, Frank “Dasher” Abbandando, and Harry “Happy” Maione. They formed the firing squad of a national underworld cartel that controlled gambling, unions, loan-sharking and narcotics from the end of Prohibition through the 1950’s across America . Centered in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn , at the height of its efficiency under Lepke and Anastasia, “Lord High Executioner”, Murder, INC. was responsible for thousands of killings coast to coast. Even though guns and knives were used, more imaginative methods like live cremation, slow strangling, quicklime, and live burials were the killing methods that each man made his MO mark with. Some victims were serenaded with a chorus of “Oh bury me not, in old Canarsie,” or were tortured with unbelievable brutality by skillful killers like “ Pittsburgh ” Phil, expertly inserting an ice pick into a “bum’s” ear, scrambling his brains, making it appear like a cerebral hemorrhage to the most seasoned coroner. (more…)

RobEric MEDIA Update

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

RobEric MEDIA, LLC previously featured in the December 2009 issue of the Eerie Digest report that their first major project, a comedy science fiction webseries is now in full production. So far they’re very pleased with the results and believe it will be groundbreaking.  RobEric MEDIA founders Eric Schumacher and Robert Linden promise to keep the Eerie Digest updated as the series nears launch.  You won’t want to miss it.

Todd Ciaciuch of CKfilmworks has just made this announcement for the new dark commedy ‘Death Interrupted’

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Death Interrupted has seen some new script changes. Please check out the official site link below to read up on the new changes!

Increased Readership for The Eerie Digest

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

THE EERIE DIGEST has just announced that we are taking out ads in the following college newspapers giving us an added potential of approximately 107,000 new readers : Virginia Tech, UCLA, and Ohio State. A BIG welcome to our new fans !

The new TV series starting March 1st – Starring Russ Cootey

Monday, February 1st, 2010

ED– We are interviewing Russ Cootey, a renowned Hollywood actor, writer, director, and producer who has appeared in and worked with many of the popular television shows being aired today.

ED– Russ, it is an honor to introduce you to our readers. Your work with such shows as CSI, and West Wing is well known. Tell us something about yourself and how you came to be in this business.

RC– Thank YOU, I am honored. Well, the story is somewhat of a full circle kind of story. When I was a kid I was hook into wanting to be an actor and to make films. My mom worked at Universal Studios, and I was hooked when I had the opportunity to visit different t.v. show and movie sets. I knew that cinema was what I wanted to do.

At the same time, I was taking guitar lessons, and as I started to progress in my skill as a guitar player, I started to see some immediate gratification. I realized that “Chicks Dig Guitar Players”(laughs), and decided to pursue music as a career. I actually spent several years in the music industry on a professional level before I decided to enter the coporate world. This career took me to the Nothwest, and after a few years I realized that I was not a corporate guy and I had to get back to being an artist. I had been wanting to persue acting again for awhile at that point and jumped at the chance to audition for projects that were shooting in and around the Portland Oregon area.

After a couple years working as an actor in Portland and in Seattle I decided to come back to Los Angeles, and the rest is, as they say, history. (more…)

The Eerie Digest College Program

Friday, January 1st, 2010

The Eerie Digest Magazine is now offering a new program to college students from Coast to Coast, to have the world read their work, and display the young talent this country has to offer. We have sent invitations to USC, UCLA, UVA, UMD, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Ithaca College, and GMU. With interviews of Publishers, Literary Agents, and Hollywood Studios and Personalities in each monthly issue, the possibilities are endless.

We are looking forward to see some of the fine work that these Universities, and their students, can produce. For more information on this program have your college, or University, contact us through this site. Contact information is available on the top right hand corner of the Homepage. Have your Fraternities, Sororities, and Colleges see the advertising possibilities on our advertising page too, so that you can send messages to other students around the world.

StoneHouse Publishing: More About Author Craig Zuber

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Craig Zuber is a business coach, author, speaker, top-producer in residential real estate, creator of the Business Combat Training Program, and most importantly—a Marine.

Zuber grew up in central California and started his first business at age 10, selling candy to classmates using his school locker as a storefront. He did well right through 7th grade, until the school realized how much his operation was directly affecting their bottom line and shut it down.

As president of Zuber Group, Inc., Zuber currently leads one of Idaho’s most successful real estate teams.

During his very first year in real estate, Zuber made $9.8 million in sales. How? By taking everything he learned in the United States Marine Corps and translating that discipline and life-or-death execution to business success.

StoneHouse Publishing: Press Release (Long) – Author Craig Zuber of It’s Go Time!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Marine Entrepreneur employs do-or-die military tactics in business

Boise, ID – (Release Date: January 13, 2010) – Craig Zuber takes the discipline and accountability of the US Marine Corps into the business world with the publishing of his cutting-edge business guide, In the Trenches: Do Or Die Lessons From the Business Battlefield.


StoneHouse Publishing: Press Release (Short) – Author Craig Zuber of It’s Go Time!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Boise, ID – (Release Date: January 13, 2010) – Craig Zuber takes the discipline and accountability of the US Marine Corps into the business world with the publishing of his cutting-edge business guide, In the Trenches: Do Or Die Lessons From the Business Battlefield.




“An outstanding one-stop book for the soldier getting out of the military and wanting to do something more than work for someone else!” comments Ken Hunt, Lieutenant Colonel (RET), US Army Special Forces

“This is not a book for the mild hearted! Read only if you want to SUCCEED!” comments Viliami Tuivai, Director of Football Operations: Boise State Football

Aaron Patterson, and author recently interviewed in the December Eerie Digest, has now begun The StoneHouse Ink Publishing Company

Friday, January 1st, 2010

StoneHouse Ink is an imprint of Ampelon publishing in Boise, Idaho. Ampelon is a Non-fiction Christian publisher and has published terrific books such as: Be Loved by Ed McGlasson and coming in 2010, The Slave Across the Street by Theresa Flores.

StoneHouse Ink is the fiction division and will be kicking off January 1st 2010. Aaron Patterson will be leading the charge to this new idea in publishing. He is an author himself and has written clean Mystery/Thrillers and is in the top 1000 on Amazon Kindle. “The publishing world is going to have to change in order to keep up with the demands of this generation!”

StoneHouse Ink is a Hybrid publishing house, in that it acts similar to a traditional publisher, with the submitting process and the marketing of authors work worldwide. With a powerful distribution network in the US, as well as Australia and the UK, StoneHouse Ink offers exposure, a strong presence in the marketplace, does not steal the ownership of the author’s life long work, and joins in a partnership. Therefore giving the author higher royalties than traditional houses.

News Release from Bill Metz of Atlantic Film Studios

Friday, January 1st, 2010

On December 9, 2009 the City of Pembroke Pines approved the $600 Million Dollar “The Studios of the Americas.”  PAS Media, Inc. along with 3 other corporate partners are creating the first ever major studio complex in South Florida.  Now that the project has been approved, PAS Media, Inc. along with it’s partners will be signing the contracts on the land for the site within the next 30 days then they begin the zoning and permitting process to begin construction.

With the approval of the Studios of the Americas, PAS Media, Inc. is now seeking partners to begin a $50 Million Dollar expansion of their company to produce a slate of projects for the next 2 years.  The creation of the Studios of the Americas as well as the expansion of PAS Media, Inc. will be the first step in South Florida becoming a major film market.