Archived Eerie News Stories

Interview with Peter Rubie and Fine Print Literary Management

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

RUBIE-FP-MASTERED- The Eerie Digest Magazine is proud to introduce Peter Rubie and Fine Print Literary Management to our readers.

ED- Peter, tell us about your Firm and how it started.

PR- FinePrint grew out of the merger of two agencies, Imprint, and the Peter Rubie Agency.  My business partner and FP President Stephany Evans and I had been friends for a while and had discussed for a number of years the possibility of merging.  It just seemed like, in 2007, that it was the right moment to do so.  And it was the best move either of us has made for a long time.  Certainly, it is a lot more than 1+1 = 2.   We now have 10 agents, a full time book to TV/Film guy in Brendan Deneen (who’s brilliant!) and a full time subrights director in Jacqueline Murphy (who is equally remarkable.)  We have also started a small film production company and have plans in the works to expand our ability to service merchandising and speaking rights for our authors.


Interview with Daniel J. Reitz, Sr. of Mundania Press

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

danreitzED- We are talking with Daniel J. Reitz, Sr. of Mundania Press. Daniel please tell our readers about your Publishing House.

DJR- Mundania Press LLC has four active imprints, Mundania Press, Phaze Books, Awe-Struck Publishing, and Hard Shell Word Factory.  Mundania was established in August 2002, Phaze came online December 2004.  Both Awe-Struck Publisher and Hard Shell Word Factory have been in business for well over 10-12 years and are two of the oldest ePublishers in existence.  We acquired Awe-Struck Publishing in January 2009 and Hard Shell Word Factory in September 2009.

ED- What type of genre does Mundania Press represent?

DJR- Mundania Press carries primarily Science Fiction, Fantasy (including Dark and Urban), Horror, Mystery, and some Paranormal Romance.  We’re even looking for steam-punk now as that is getting popular again.  Awe-Struck is all varieties of romance, except erotica.  Phaze Books handles Women’s Erotic Romance and Erotica, and Hard Shell Word Factory currently handles all genres including all fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s and young adults books.


Interview with UK Publisher Johnny Mains

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

By Joseph J. O’Donnell

ED: We are talking today to UK Publisher Johnny Mains who heads one publishing house and two websites.

ED: Tell our readers Johnny about your company and how you started.

JM: Hello Eerie! My company is called Noose and Gibbet Publishing and it is the result of a hard look at the small press industry and seeing an opening which I felt hadn’t been exploited to its full potential.

Around three years ago I started a website called All Things Horror and I would go off and find authors, actors/actresses, artists and other luminaries in the horror genre to interview. Shortly after its launch, I began another a website dedicated to the infamous Pan Book of Horror Stories which saw thirty books published in thirty years and still stands as the world’s longest running horror anthology series. Over the course of two and a half years I’ve interviewed over 40 authors involved in writing the original series and cheekily asked some of them if they would like to contribute a short story for a brand new anthology. Sixteen of the authors graciously provided me with a specially written story, and five of the authors (in one case the author’s estate) have given permission to reprint a classic story from the series.

Interview of Donald Maass and the Donald Maass Literary Agency

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

ED- Eerie Digest is pleased to share our interview of Donald Maass of the Donald Maass Literary Agency in New York City with our readers.

ED- Donald, tell us about your agency and how it got started.

DM- After working in book publishing first in London, then in New York, I opened my agency in 1980.  Today we are a company of five agents altogether, specializing in fiction.  We sell over 150 novels every year to major publishers in New York and overseas.  We sell audio, graphic novel and movie rights to our clients work, as well.

ED- Tell us about the Writers that you represent.

DM- We handle a broad range of fiction in all categories and genres.  Some leading clients are historical mystery writer Anne Perry and urban fantasy author Jim Butcher, both of whom are New York Times best sellers.  But there are plenty more.  Fantasy author Brent Weeks has been a big success this year, with his first novel going into twelve printings and making the New York Times “extended” best seller list.  I could go on for quite a while… (more…)

Interview with Mike Simpson of Second Wind Publishing

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

By Joseph J. O’Donnell

ED: We are talking with Mike Simpson in Salem-Winston, North Carolina, about Second Wind Publishing.

ED: Mike please tell us the history of the name of your company and your motto referring to it as, “The home of the best authors that you have not heard of yet”.

MS: First, let me say I’m honored to be interviewed by Eerie Digest. For us it’s a real privilege because we admire your work.

Second Wind, of course, has a double meaning. I’m a long time runner and “second wind” is that marvelous phenomenon of suddenly regaining your endurance and enjoying the sensation of running. For our writers, second wind means a new, more productive and enjoyable life in literature. Virtually all our authors struggled with the traditional route of begging for an agent and then praying for a publisher—most without much success. Back in the fall and winter of 2007, a group of us “failed” authors realized that devoting ourselves to the traditional publishing industry brought us no happiness and no tangible reward. We knew enough to know that we were good writers who deserved to be read and, with the help of our colleagues, were becoming even better. We decided to start our own publishing house, devoted to publishing authors who otherwise might never be read by the public. Our authors are all in their “second life”: they are working with fellow authors and supportive editors, honing the art of writing and experiencing the thrill of having our books published, purchased and read. (more…)

Halloween Haunts

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

michellegabrieleharrellBy Joseph J. O’Donnell
Photos by Daniel C. Harrell

ED- We are interviewing Michelle Gabriele -Harrell, Producer for both Radio and Television in Norfolk, Virginia.

ED- Michelle, Tell us something about yourself, your career, and the people that you work with.

MGH- My father worked over 40 years in the radio broadcasting industry. I went in the opposite direction and decided I liked the TV aspect of the broadcast world. Later, I ended up with the Best of both worlds. Fresh out of college after majoring in television and journalism, I landed my first job at one of the Greatest stations, the local PBS affiliate here in Norfolk, WHRO TV 15. I started out in Master Control, what I like to call the heartbeat of the station. Then I moved on to production and learned every aspect I could. I found the technical side fascinating, and challenging. I couldn’t get enough and the passion to create took over. I had the strong desire to take the visions that were in my mind and capture them through the lens of a camera or straight into a microphone in a recording studio. There are no words to describe when you put something together and see or hear it for the first time. The idea you once envisioned then becomes a full-blown reality. For me the “motivation” is when someone comes up to me and says that they were touched by my work, moved by it, or even spooked by it, then I receive the most gracious reward.