Alex Knight

Phantom Phantasy by Guest Author Alex Knight

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Lydia had a lot of unpacking to do but she was tired and needed a break, pregnancy fatigued her. She filled the kettle and searched for the instant coffee, a mug and spoon. It would have to be taken black this time. Would Jeremy remember to pick up everything on the shopping list? She should have just done it herself, but wanted to get as much unpacked as possible before he arrived home tonight. This was their first house, a fixer-upper that needed a lot of repair, which they would do as they went along. It was quite a distance from the city but the tranquility of the countryside made the drive worthwhile.

The coffee made, Lydia decided to look around again. Venturing from room to room, she envisioned what the place would look like decorated in her chosen colors. A paint and wallpaper sample had been taped on a wall in each room so that Jeremy could see what his wife had in mind. Climbing the stairs Lydia found it chillier than the lower part of the house. She walked down the hall to the last room, the one that had been designated as the master bedroom. Lydia felt a draft and thought she could actually see her breath. Impossible, she thought, it’s not even that cold outside. The weather was unpredictable in late October, but it hadn’t even been necessary to wear a sweater today.

Opening the bedroom door Lydia was amazed to see that all the windows were open; she hadn’t noticed that during her arrival earlier. Closing one window after another, Lydia thought she detected movement out of the corner of her eye. Whirling around, she was in time to see the bedroom door slam shut. Just the wind, she reasoned. Yet the hair on the back of her neck was bristling. I’m being silly, it’s just a case of nerves being out here alone with no phone. It was supposed to be installed today but the installer had already been out and left a note saying he had to restring a new line. It would be another three days before he could complete the job. (more…)

Random Chance by Guest Author Alex Knight

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Alex Knight

I watched as they shot Nicky Fingers in the back of the head, twice. The second bullet wasn’t necessary. Why didn’t I do anything to help? Heck, I couldn’t help myself earlier and Nicky sure didn’t put up a fuss when Mario took the baseball bat to my arms and legs. They didn’t kill me because I was going to be their messenger.

“Tell Giovanni for him and his boys to stay away from the south side. Tell him it’d be a big mistake to show his mug there again.”

I was randomly picked as the messenger. Things happened that way all my life, randomly. That’s why no one ever addresses me by my given name of Randolph. To everyone who meets me, I always become known as Random, Random Chance.

Protesting that I didn’t know Giovanni personally was of little use. I was with Nicky and therefore I was deemed to be one of Giovanni’s boys. Of course I know who Giovanni Colucci is. Everyone in town knows, with the exception of the local constabulary, that is. I have been writing about Colucci and his boys for a long time now. I have also been writing about his archenemy, Vincenzo Martini for just as long.


The Fog by Guest Author Alex Knight

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Alex Knight

August 22, 2003

Gertie Higgins looked out the window just in time to see the fog rolling in. She knew fog was evil; it had a way of taking things and people. Gertie’s husband Oscar had been taken in the fog on his way out of town early one summer afternoon back in ’83.

Satisfied that the windows were secure, she wedged rolled towels along the bottom of the door. Then she sat in her rocker, Bible in hand and began to pray. She thanked God for giving her enough time to secure the house and ended with a plea that all those she knew had made it safely home before the fog got them.

These weren’t the foolish ramblings of a demented old woman. Over the years Gertie had seen the town’s population dwindle to 592. Those who left had all disappeared in the fog. Gertie was the only one left who openly spoke about this.

Only two days ago she had spoken to the sheriff about it for the umpteenth time.

“Sheriff, you know it was the fog that took Oscar, those Barnett boys and everyone else.”

“I do thank you for bringing this to my attention Missus Higgins.” As he walked away he muttered, “Lord save me from crazy old ladies who live alone.”

“It’s true I’m old and live alone. Only the good Lord knows iffen I’m crazy or not, but there is nothing wrong with my hearing. You shame your mama talking like that, Bobby Lee Baker.” (more…)

On the Rocks by Alex Knight

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I sat in my agent’s office and tried to make him understand why I wanted to back out of a project I had previously agreed to.

“You took an advance months ago and they’re getting impatient. Either produce a finished documentary or make your excuses directly and return the money; there is no third choice.”

“Okay, I’ll return the money. I can’t imagine going anywhere with Walter right now, let alone to a foreign country where I’ll have to rely on him for company in the evening after spending the entire day with him.”

“Fine, but let me warn you that if you bow out now you’ll probably never work for them again, or anyone else in the industry for that matter. At least not in the near future.”

“Bart, it can’t be as bad as that.” I insisted.


Guest Author Alex Knight

Friday, October 1st, 2010

The Bodyguard, The Mermaid and Dolphin

by Alex Knight

The phone rang at 2:37 A.M.  That didn’t surprise me, what surprised me is that it hadn’t rung earlier. It had been eleven days since I had been called out in the middle of the night. Before turning in I made sure everything was ready for a quick start. In fact by midnight I was in bra and panties; an hour later I had donned a tank top and jeans. I stretched out on top of the comforter and cat-napped while I waited for the inevitable phone call.  I was not disappointed.

“Can you come get me?” Martin whispered but the quiet tone did nothing to disguise his fear.

“Where are you?” I was already pulling on my boots.

“I’m not sure. Take my GPS reading and get here as fast as you can.”

I heard loud banging and yelling.

“You cannot hide in there the entire night, mate.” A muffled voice threatened.