Ava Sprayberry

‘Achievement by Possession’ by guest author Dianah Brock

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Guest Author Dianah Brock

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry


The thunder crashed against the midnight October sky.  Rain fell from the clouds, which formed a blanket, covering the line of view that existed between her and the stars.  She carried no flashlight, nor a lantern.  Only the flashes of lightning that pierced the darkness above lit her path.

She ran, plowing through the mud puddles with all of her might.  The rain continued to fall, stinging her skin in a terrifying baptism.  Her heart was racing, pounding against the bruising on her chest.  She was breathing heavily as she ran.  Her head was aching.  She could feel the liquid trickling down her face.  Is it the rain, or am I bleeding again?  She did not bother to answer herself.  Instead she forced herself to run harder and faster.

Her path was unclear.  She did not know where she was going, or any other way to get there.  She did not know how long her journey would take, or how she would survive.  The pain that ravaged her body was nearly unbearable.  However, the fear, which fueled her adrenaline rush, was greater than the pain.  She continued to run, with only one destination before her.  One place must be at the end of the long, dark, muddy road that she was running down.  She only knew of one place that could offer her the refuge that she sought so frantically.  She knew she had heard the sound of the metal creaking as it opened to allow her to become imprisoned.  She had to reach the gate. (more…)

‘Lust of the Soul’ by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Monday, August 1st, 2011
Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

No one ever expects to die.  It is just not a common thought to enter the mind of a person that is 100 percent healthy.  The thought or possibility of a premature demise is the farthest thing from the mind of a twenty-nine year old woman.  There are more important, more realistic issues to focus on.  Promotions at work, purchasing the car of your dreams, stock investments, or preparations for a business dinner on Friday evening that could very well pave the way to achieving all of these.  You give more thought to the mounting credit card debts, and the constant reminders that rest in unopened envelopes in the coffee table.

I did not plan to die.  I am not my own victim to the selfish and cowardly act of suicide.  I did not expect to be standing here in my bedroom at my bedside viewing my lifeless body resting in my bed.  However, here I am.  I was a young, vibrant, and once full of life twenty-nine year old woman.  It only took a few brief moments of contemplation for me to realize that I am dead.  I will never marry, have children, or buy that big house on the end of Chestnut Avenue.  The only comfort I can find at this present time in my after life is the knowledge that my credit card debts are no longer an issue.  However, to be perfectly honest, I would much rather be alive to stress over them. (more…)

The Well by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Friday, July 1st, 2011
Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

The legend says that long ago

Back in the past

In the days of old

A village lay in the clearing there


The people heard whispers in the wind

They talked to the steams

They even had spirits

That visited their dreams (more…)

Dead By Dawn by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Ava Sprayberry

She sits alone in the front seat of her red dodge caravan.  She managed to steer the van off of the road way and park safely in front of the convenient store.  This was the last thing she needed.  When the night started, she was on a mission.  She was headed to Leesburg, Alabama, the one place that held all she needed in her life right now.  There, at the end of a quarter mile long driveway, just off of County Road Seven, she would find all of the love, compassion, and protection she would ever need.

She couldn’t believe she needed protection.  She couldn’t believe she was turning to the family she had forgotten about so many years ago to find it.  As she wiped a tear from her eye, she winced at the pain.  She turned on the interior light and looked at her reflection in the foggy rear view.  Her eyes were still swelling.  They were almost completely black now from the beating he had given her.  She knew with each punch he threw at her that this was going to be the worst beating in their five year history.

If only she had listened.  Everyone tried to warn her.  She could hear the warnings playing through her mind loud and clear now as if they were coming through a loud speaker.  “Be careful Angie.  I heard he nearly killed his ex-wife.  His brother said he was so bad that he didn’t want anything to do with him.  Leave now Angie.  This kind of thing never happens just once.”  Angie closed her eyes and shook her head back and forth, trying to force the voices back into the depths of her mind.  She didn’t want to hear it then, and she damned sure didn’t want to hear it now.  Now it would be I told you so, and see what I was talking about.  Right or not, she wouldn’t give her family and friends the satisfaction.  She wouldn’t allow them (more…)

Laughter in the Dark by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Ava Sprayberry‏

The legend says that the witches of the backwoods were different.  They were not like the normal stories of witches that people are accustomed to.  They were friends to the towns’ people.  They looked to them for guidance when an illness plagued the town.  They were healers, and in most cases, the redeeming feature of the town.  They had saved the lives of countless children with their natural cures for pneumonia and influenza.  They were invited to weddings, and barn dances.  They were the life of the party with their unnatural outfits, and hilarious antics.

One night, the four sisters returned home from a night out at the town social.  They were full of laughter and excitement.  They danced around, twirling in circles with smiles on their faces.  They had no idea that their death lurked within the very walls of the small cottage that they called home.  They entered their domain.  Fiona lit a lantern that rested on the table.  The bright light illuminated almost every corner.

Beneath the stairs, they waited.  They watched as Fiona, Sophia, Camilla, and Athena dressed, climbed into their bed, and settled down for the night.  Camilla extinguished the lantern before lying down.  The four still lurked beneath the stairs.  Four witches slept as their four assailants watched and waited.  They knew that they couldn’t act too quickly.  They had to use the element of surprise.  They knew that the witches could destroy them with their powers.  They had to stick to the plan.  That was the only way to ensure their safety. (more…)

Amelia by Guest Author Ava Sprayberry

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Ava Sprayberry

The year was 1902 in the small town of Adairsville, Georgia.  The hot summer sun blazed down upon the residents.  There, in the cotton fields, men were working hard to earn the meal being prepared for them by their wives.  The children were all doing their usual after school chores to assist their parents.  Since the end of slavery, the normal duties of tending to a home fell back onto the shoulders of the farmers.  Now, instead of sipping ice cold lemonade, and watching their annual crop being harvested, these men were remembering what it was like to work hard to survive.  They wiped the sweat from their brow before picking another bushel.  They glanced back in the direction of their cozy homes, longing for the comforting coolness that lay within its doors.

This town was always one of peace and solitude. The typical hustle and bustle was the only major occurrence.  However, that wasn’t the case today.  Today, a resident of the town sat inside the scorching hot court house in the middle of the town square.  Her name was Susannah Lockhart.  She was the young wife of a wealthy, well known cotton plantation owner, and successful rancher.  To all of the other town’s people, they appeared to be a happy couple.  Walter Lockhart had met his young bride two years prior to this day.  She had caught his attention as she waltzed into the local mercantile.  They were married after only two months of courting.  He had swept Susannah off of her feet.  The wedding was declared the social event of the season.  It took place just after fall harvest.

Now, Susannah sat locked in the holding cell of the court house, awaiting the arrival of the judge.  Sheriff Lawson had charged her with premeditated murder.  The news of the crime shocked the entire community.  Susannah was a mere twenty years of age, and no one thought her capable of committing such an act.  The details behind Walter’s death were still an enigma.  The only information the towns people had was the fact that they would no longer see Walter Lockhart at any of the town functions.

Dust flew in the wind behind the carriage as the judge arrived at the courthouse.  He tied his reins to the post to secure the horses.  The sheriff met him at the foot of the steps.

“Judge Taylor, it’s good to see you again sir.” he stated, politely tipping his hat.

“Yes, I just hate that it had to be under these circumstances.” the judge replied.  (more…)