Bobbi Carducci

‘For Love of the Paperboy’ by Guest Author Bobbi Carducci

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
Bobbi Carducci

Author Bobbi Carducci

Margaret clapped her hands with delight. Every day for a week she had gone to the dining room window in hopes of seeing the first snowflakes of the Christmas season.  With only two days left before the big day she had begun to worry that this year would be one of the dry seasons where snow didn’t appear until late January.  As far as Margaret was concerned a winter without snow on the ground from October to May had no business calling itself winter at all.

“It’s here Jim, and from the look of it it’s going to be a real white Christmas, “she said, eying the large fluffy flakes that were falling faster as she watched. Already the sidewalk in front of her house was beginning to disappear and the upper limbs of the large pine tree in the front yard across the street were being flocked in white as if a fairy godmother had waved her wand in answer to a wish.

Humming a jaunty rendition of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause she maneuvered her walker past the baby grand piano and around the ragged edge of the hideous Oriental carpet, a wedding gift from her mother-in-law over 60 years ago, to the side table that held her favorite photograph of him. Next to it was one of her taken around the same time.   (more…)

Drowning by Guest Author Bobbie Carducci

Saturday, October 1st, 2011
Bobbi Carducci

Author Bobbi Carducci

I didn’t know I was going to drown that day, otherwise I would have stayed home and prayed or something.

I woke early to the scent of summer and the sound of daddy’s snores. Morning was always my favorite time of day.  I’d slip out of the bed I shared with my sister and tiptoe into the kitchen to let the dog out for his morning pee before going to the bathroom to relieve myself. I was supposed to wash my hands after, but I didn’t always. Sometimes they seemed clean enough already.

Don’t let Mom catch you, I thought. She has this thing about hands and where they might have been, whatever that means. Where can they go? I wondered.

Quietly stepping onto the back stoop, taking care not to slam the screen door, I headed out for my morning walk. No one minded my early morning forays.  Kids wandered unaccompanied all over our small town back then. If someone misbehaved on our block she was in trouble long before she got home. Bad news always traveled faster than I did and I got more spankings because of that, but it wasn’t a nosy neighbor that got me in trouble that day, no siree, this time I did it pretty much on my own. (more…)

‘The Marriage Contract’ by Guest Author Bobbi Carducci

Thursday, September 1st, 2011
Bobbi Carducci

Author Bobbi Carducci

“Damn it Jim, I can’t believe your asking me to do this. You know what my schedule’s like this week, and tomorrow is a nightmare too. I have at least a dozen things on my to-do list as it is. I’ve closed a couple of contracts of my own in the last month, and on top of that, our daughter, the economics major, has once again overdrawn her checking account and needs an emergency infusion of cash or she won’t be able to buy her textbooks for the new term. “Where are you calling from anyway? It sounds as if you’re standing next to a freight train.”

“You know I wouldn’t ask unless it was an emergency. I’ve been trying to finalize this contract for three days. Every time I’m supposed to deliver it, Ferguson’s schedule changes and he doesn’t show up.  I have to be here tomorrow. I have a firm commitment that he will be there this time. Besides, it will only take you a few minutes. Just deliver the contract and bing, bang, boom; you’re out of there and on your way home.”

“You and your bing, bang, boom. Can you imagine how long it’s going to take me to get out of the city at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon?  I’ll be sitting in traffic for almost two hours, and that’s only if the rain holds off.  If so much as a drop falls from the sky, you can tack on another thirty minutes easy. That will really put me behind and God help me if I show up late for your mother’s dinner party. She’s expecting Senator Livingston, hoping to get backing for her latest pet project, ‘Save the D.C. Virgins’ or some other mythical species she’s adopted.” (more…)

‘Sweet Revenge’ by Guest Author Bobbi Carducci

Monday, August 1st, 2011
Bobbi Carducci

Author Bobbi Carducci

Her name was Sara Lee, so of course he called her Cupcake. Turns out the only sweet thing about her was the way she lured her victims.

Sara Lee O’Brien was born mean and grew into it, choosing her victims as if they were ripe peaches gone soft and juicy on the tree. She liked the syrupy feel of blood; the sticky residue that clung to her hands even after she wiped her fingers clean.

She knew if she got caught folks would wonder about her childhood, speculate about the depraved acts hillbilly men are known to visit on their kids.  She’d use such stories to her advantage but there’d be no truth to them.  She just likes to kill is all.

“C’mere baby,” she whispered, in the sultry little girl voice he liked to hear.  She knew that about him without even asking.  Doughy men with squinty eyes always hunger for the little girl in a woman, no matter how nice they seem to be. (more…)