Dianah Brock

‘Achievement by Possession’ by guest author Dianah Brock

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
Guest Author Dianah Brock

Guest Author Ava Sprayberry


The thunder crashed against the midnight October sky.  Rain fell from the clouds, which formed a blanket, covering the line of view that existed between her and the stars.  She carried no flashlight, nor a lantern.  Only the flashes of lightning that pierced the darkness above lit her path.

She ran, plowing through the mud puddles with all of her might.  The rain continued to fall, stinging her skin in a terrifying baptism.  Her heart was racing, pounding against the bruising on her chest.  She was breathing heavily as she ran.  Her head was aching.  She could feel the liquid trickling down her face.  Is it the rain, or am I bleeding again?  She did not bother to answer herself.  Instead she forced herself to run harder and faster.

Her path was unclear.  She did not know where she was going, or any other way to get there.  She did not know how long her journey would take, or how she would survive.  The pain that ravaged her body was nearly unbearable.  However, the fear, which fueled her adrenaline rush, was greater than the pain.  She continued to run, with only one destination before her.  One place must be at the end of the long, dark, muddy road that she was running down.  She only knew of one place that could offer her the refuge that she sought so frantically.  She knew she had heard the sound of the metal creaking as it opened to allow her to become imprisoned.  She had to reach the gate. (more…)