Jackie Summers

‘The Lost Soul’ Part 3 by Guest Author Jackie Summers

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Guest Author Jackie Summers

My third encounter was something I never would have expected. It also was the most frightening. There is something to be said about the phrase; seeing is believing, but when it is not something you can see, well….

A few months after telling my father I was pregnant, he passed away. It was not something that no one was expecting. Why he managed to live as long as he did was beyond everyone. He had been very ill all my growing years. When I was five years of age he had open heart surgery. The doctors had to remove his dieased pericardium. I remember one of my relatives telling us how we had to be very good and say our prayers every night,  because he may not live through the surgery. It was a terrible blow to a kid, having to suffer the fear of losing a parent, never mind being told at such a tender age.

So my father managed to live thirteen years after surgery. But during those years he would go back and forth to the hospital on a regular basis. Each time he went, brought more anxiety. How I never ended up on prozac or some type of anti anxiety medication, I will never know. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on any, it just means I manage it, without the drugs. (more…)

The Lost Soul ( part 2)- by guest author Jackie Summers

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Guest Poet Jackie Summers

Looking back, I can almost understand why my first ghost attached himself to me. Years later I was watching a program that explained how ghosts attach themselves to people who are young, when their minds are not closed off, and if there is turmoil in that persons life, they are more likely to meet with a dark soul than a friendly spirit.

Yet that does not explain the second soul that came to visit me one evening.

Four years after my first encounter with a spirit, I met my second lost soul. A child about the age of two.

I had left home at the age of eighteen, after living with my mother and sister, and was living out of wedlock and pregnant with my first child. I had been agonizing over the fact I was going to have to tell my father I was pregnant. My father whom was very much unlike my mother, was a rather strict person, with ideas of being Catholic to be used as a predominant  threat of discipline. Of course it wasn’t that his faith brought him to this, it was just something he would use as we got older, as we were now to old to be spanked. (more…)

‘The Lost Soul’ by guest author Jackie Summers

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Guest Poet Jackie Summers

My Grandfather said he witnessed Saint Peter walking on water, as he was preparing to sit down for supper. Then he died where he sat, of a major heart attack.

Another time he had police searching the woods for a decapitated body he said he seen propped in a sitting position under a tree, the man’s head in his lap! They never did find the body.

I never met my Grandfather. The day he died sitting down for supper, my father was only a boy of twelve. But the story was told to me by my Aunt Lena. She had come to stay with us during a family wedding. I don’t remember the discussion that preceded the conversation I had with her, that made me blurt out, I see ghosts!

But I have seen ghosts, and more than once!

Aunt Lena calmly told me I should see a doctor. I explained to her I wasn’t crazy, she said; “neither was your Grandfather.” (more…)

Collection of Poems by Jackie Summers

Sunday, April 1st, 2012


Guest Poet Jackie Summers


Jackie Summers Ⓒ


Farewell, sister April,

here comes May,

Wearing her bloomers

not shy to display.

Lifting her dress

among budding vines,

giving a peek, of colors divine.

She flirts with your senses,

her perfume just a hint, (more…)

A Collection of Short Poems from Guest Poet Jackie Summers

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
The Bouquet

She was petal soft,
and slender stem of green,
Rooted in the earth
beside a flowing stream,
Blushing Bride and Queens Lace, all
blowing in the breeze..
A Willow softly weeping,
A soldiers call to arms,
All joined in the courtship
to the girl who picked them all.
Her basket overflowing
made posies for the masses,
and along the banks of Kingdoms,
a trampled field of grasses.Cat


The Locket
I snipped a tress of golden hair
And framed it near a picture dear,
Engraved upon the case the date,
And strung a chain around it’s fate..This tarnished love – a prison makes..
The case now worn,
The date misplaced,
A faded image,
A golden lock,The missing link.Cat

Guest Poet Jackie Summers