RC Hutchins

‘Crisis’ – Chapter Two by Guest Author R.C. Hutchins

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Robin Hutchins - PictureThe drive to the hospital did not take as long as the demon lord first thought. When the car pulled into the hospital parking lot, Belial glanced once at the sleeping form of his young sorcerer and let himself smile, just a little. The car engine turned slowly after the demon lord shut the car off. Stretching languidly, Belial leaned over the space between the passenger and him, stretching his hand leisurely toward the human’s face. His long nails smoothed over the worry lines at the corner of Koen’s lips and Belial purred softly.

“You’re far too young for worry lines…” the demon purred softly. But then the human stirred and the demon lord pulled back his hand as if struck. In a louder voice, Belial said, “We’re here, pet.”


“…too young for worry lines…” came his purr, interrupting my sleep. I stirred slowly, blinking blearily in the afternoon light. “We’re here, pet.”

At the words, I shifted and stretched slowly, arching my back as I stretched. “Nnng… It’s only ten past eleven? I thought the drive was a five hour trip?” (more…)

‘Crisis’ by guest author RC Hutchins

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Robin Hutchins - PictureCHAPTER ONE

“I can’t believe you would say that,” his voice grated on my nerves, even as my hands stuffed shirts and pants into a shoulder bag, “and I can’t believe you’re just going to leave! What you said to my parents back there-“

“Was the complete truth. If they didn’t want the truth, they shouldn’t have asked.” I know; I was being short with him, but he was just fouling up my already ruined mood. “Now, I’m going to leave before I am insulted further.” I slung the bag over my head, turning towards his amethyst gaze. But what I met wasn’t what I expected. The normal fire in his eyes was gone and there was pain and hurt clearly there. “Look… Derrick. I’m sorry, but I can’t stay here.”

“But my parents-”

“Your parents don’t exactly like me, especially your father. I’m pretty certain they’d celebrate if I left.” (more…)

‘The Game Set Two – Tiger Lily’ by Guest Author RC Hutchins

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

RC-Hutchins“When you enter the Sultan’s presence, remember not to speak unless spoken to, do not look him directly in the eyes, and never, ever mention his father,” the chamberlain says to me as I’m rushed from the carriage, through the palace halls, pushing onwards to the throne room.

I’m scared; no denying the shaking of my heart as the chamberlain spoke in a rushed tone.

“Once you have been introduced to the Sultan, you can take meals with the servants and no one will question it. The director of your sector will give you jobs relating to your abilities. If you are unable to complete any job, you director will be responsible for you punishment. Right now, your director is Sayf al-Dawla Fahd Bin Kadir. It would be wise not to anger him, as his temper is rather legendary.”

Yes, I know of him. The ‘Sword of the State’ Fahd Bin Kadir. He’s scary, or so I heard from my brother; Fatin used to work for him.

Until Fahd broke my brother’s arm. (more…)

‘The Game – Set 1’ by Guest Author RC Hutchins

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

RC-HutchinsSet One: Dragonfly

Ragged breath, steaming in the overcast twilight, heart pounding, threatening to burst; he couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so exhilarated. Amber was around the corner, he could hear her boots crunching on the frosted earth. A silent laugh caused him to smirk. Shaking his head, he remembered what had gotten him into this game, reminded by the weight of the earring on his left ear.

A few hours ago, in Amber’s basement…

“Hey, Micheil!” the bouncing redhead exclaimed as she ran down the basement stairs, a grocery bag swinging in her left hand.

Instinct took over as he glanced up into the bright smile of his one and only love.

“Guess what I found at the store?” her voice dripped with mischief.

Fortunately, Micheil was completely oblivious to this fact. (more…)

Melancholy of a King-Pt. 2 by guest author R. C Hutchins

Monday, October 14th, 2013

RC-HutchinsSlowly, the King of Winter sank into his throne, exhaustion showing all his years. The comforting embrace of the throne cushions began rubbing away all the aches of eons upon eons. Weary golden eyes dulled slightly, not truly seeing the throne room of the purest white-blue ice. Servants hid in the shadows of pillars and alcoves, waiting to be called upon – silent when not needed.

And the King desired silence, desire loneliness. Even as his eyes became heavy, he knew his desire would go unheeded. That feeling before the dreams came over him and he knew his sleep would be plagued with the past.

Darkness rose to greet him as he descended into dreams, pulling him deeper into the unconscious realm.


“Father, Queen Mab requests an audience,” the youngest prince of Winter said quietly, afraid to disturb his war-minded father.

With a nod, the King murmured, “Send her in.” (more…)

‘Meloncholy of a King’ Part 1 by RC Hutchins

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

RC-HutchinsPerhaps it was the melancholy of the season or perhaps the harsh business of the day – whatever it was that came to disturb his usual demeanor this day caused the young ruler to be outside, riding upon his stead of ghostly white. The giant, elegant elk strode with purpose through the underbrush, picking his way with care. He received no instruction or direction from his rider and so followed a well-hidden game trail.

His rider, meanwhile, paid no attention to his surroundings. No, the King was far too caught up in his own world to notice the subtle quiet of the forest.

But the elk noticed. He stopped, standing statue still, his ears the only movement as they swiveled about, trying to listen for any sign of trouble. When no noise came the elk, he twisted his neck around and nipped warningly at his rider’s leg.

Jerked from his inner thoughts, the King glanced around. “Vaun, what is it?” the young King asked. (more…)

‘Masque’ by Guest Author RC Hutchins

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

RC-HutchinsFlashing colored lights, bursting sounds, flagrant odors; all flickering before her eyes, her mind reeling. The sounds hammer on her ears, the lights and colors burn her eyes, and the odors fill her nostrils. She can barely breathe, she cannot think, she can do nothing but turn in the circles as those around her dance, laugh, and make merry. Her eyes feel like they are being stabbed with a hot poker as the lights and colors fade from her sight. Her head feels a weight upon her shoulders, pulling her down into the dark. Her mind tumbles from the awareness of the world. As she falls, her mind registers a blue and black spot hitting the floor before she does.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees a masked woman teetering before those around her notice. He runs, aiming to catch her before she hits the ground, leaving behind another woman. Startled, she stares after him, and slowly follows. She watches as her date slips and slides on the wet stones in the square, until he finally reaches the masked woman, her blue-feathered mask falling from her face. The falling woman does not seem to register that she herself is falling, or that anyone has caught her. But under her, the man keeps her from the ground, dirtying his own costume. (more…)