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Walkers, Tales for Late at Night, and Night Trains are now available via Amazon’s Kindle

Amazon Offer: $9.99

Amazon Offer: $9.99

Amazon Offer: $9.99

Book Cover for Joseph J. O'Donnell's Tales for Late at Night

Amazon Offer: $9.99

With Border’s Book Stores closing our magazine is jumping into fill the slot to help Authors sell their work. Our ads only cost $40 per book, per month, to advertise with us.

Authors need to simply send us their book cover art, the price they are selling their book for, the link to the site they are selling them through, and choose the number of months they wish to display them. It’s as simple as that.

We will display ALL GENRES of books (i.e.- Mysteries, Romance novels, Cook Books, Children’s books, Historical books, Magazines, Instructional books, etc.) . We will not display Erotica.

We DO NOT handle book sales. ALL PURCHASES are made DIRECTLY THROUGH the Author’s sites (i.e.- Amazon, Kindle, personal site, etc.) so we do not collect commissions on sales, either. So send us your ads now to beat the expected back-up!!!

Looking for a place to promote your eBook? You’ve come to the right place!

Offered at a low rate of only $40/book/month!

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