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Interview with Casting Director Helen McCready

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

ED- For all the future actors that follow The Eerie Digest, we are happy to present Casting Director Helen McCready. Helen we understand that you actually started your career in acting. Please tell us about it.

HM- I started back on the show 21 Jumpstreet as a wrangler and as a featured talent for this show, Booker and a few other Cannell shows, at the time. My love was always the theater, whether in a play or doing improv comedy. I did tons of commercial work back then, too. My break was on a pilot called “Top of the Hill”. We shot 6 episodes? I forget but it didn’t make it thorough pilot season. I was very excited and on a high for about 6 months we when were shooting it! Then it canceled  it was back to reality and looking for work.

ED- Tell us about your work and what does it entail.

HM-I’m a casting director and a member with the Casting Society of America. Basically, a producer provides me with a breakdown and I find the talent they want. They can also ask me to do the breakdown and I let them know how many extras, roles etc are in the film — the producer or director always has final say on who is cast. It’s never the casting director’s decision. Also, I file the proper paperwork for SAG when needed. SAG doesn’t approve but I always hope I can Taft-Hartley a few good actors. Everyone deserves a break if they are crazy enough to endure this business. That’s the basics. (more…)