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TAEM interview with Prof. Peter Winant of the GMU School of Art

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Peter Winant TAEM- The Arts and Entertainment Magazine touches upon many subjects that our student readership is interested in. The subject of Art is one of many that we write about so that they look to us as a learning tool for. Art takes shape in many forms and the subject that we would like to talk about at this time is sculpture.

 At George Mason University in Northern Virginia we have found the perfect source for the answers to all our questions. Professor Peter Winant is not only an excellent teacher, but a well know artist that has created many renowned sculpture projects. Peter, please tell our student readers about your early education.

PW- I was fortunate to have a family who understood the value of and was committed to education for their children. I grew up in a college community where parents expected high standards for elementary, middle and high schools, and was fortunate to attend excellent schools. While I knew from age 10 that I wanted to make art, and sculpture in particular, my curriculum was broad based, and for its time was relatively integrated. Science was connected to language, and language to history, etc. In other words, the learning process was synthetic. One thing that was of great importance to me, and that I learned extensively from was playing sports. I loved the mix of physical exertion, tactical/critical thinking and intercommunication that is present in team sports, as well as the self-discipline. (more…)