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Interview with Screenwriter John Meyer

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

ED- The Eerie Digest is going to do something new by introducing someone breaking into the screenwriting field. We would like to introduce John Meyer, a former police officer who has exchanged his badge for a pen. John, tell us about your former work in Law enforcement.

JM- Thanks so much for having me Joe. “Can I get a water please?…..*John takes a drink…it goes down the wrong pipe. He coughs and spits water on Joe’s nice jacket. “Ahhhck!…I’m sorry Joe.” They get a towel brought out….recover….and move on….

I basically “Stuck My Nose” in the world of law enforcement around March of 1985, at the very “Green” age of twenty. I remember running across an old ARCO test booklet for “Detective” at my local library. I was so enthrawled by the first couple of pages, that I couldn’t wait to get it home before completing the practice tests inside.  I planted myself at a table and remained there until I was pretty much kicked out by the librarian at closing. By the month of August of that year, I had graduated from the police academy, and moved with my Wife Laura down to Blythe California (city of 12,000 on the Ca. / Az. Border) where I started an adventure that lasted for just under twenty years. (more…)