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TAEM Goes to a Wedding…LA Style !!!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

  The Arts and Entertainment Magazine and THE EERIE DIGEST was invited to an LA wedding this month by his friends Meredith Molinari and Aaron Clute. This was a fabulous wedding following the uniqueness that only Los Angeles can do. It was a ‘Halloween Wedding Costume Ball’ thrown at LA’s fantastic Cicada Club on South Olive Street in downtown Los Angeles.

It was a great setting and everyone showed up in costumes ranging from horror garb to roaring 20’s showgirls. The groom and groomsmen wore attire reminiscent of the Victorian era, and the bride and bridesmaids matched with Victorian showgirl dress. There were the Pirates of the Caribbean on hand, a Hugh Hefner and Playgirl look-alike, even one of the Blues Brothers was on hand.  Our publisher and his wife appeared as a Scottish Laird and Victorian Lady that would fit right in with one of ‘The Royals’ weddings. (more…)